Zong Rebranding as Zong 4G –A New Dream

(Last Updated On: 01/06/2016)

A major rebranding is expected to take place in Pakistan this year. One of the leading cellular services in Pakistan, Zong, is in the process of rebranding and redesigning the entire business setup in Pakistan. It is coming with a new slogan Zong 4G – A New Dream.zong10

According to Zong media persons, Zong is getting a complete overhaul by changing the logo, brand presence, and positioning. This will take a huge amount and time to successfully implement this project. This rebranding project will take millions of rupee for marketing the new logo and design.

Zong Website New Look

At official levels, Zong has started to change the new design in publicity. Meanwhile, the official website of Zong has got a totally new design. Soon it will be officially announced by Zong after full preparations and meeting legal requirements.

Zong Rebrand New TVC 

Zong is among those few companies who go for a major rebranding because of the expenses involved in overhauling and starting marketing from a new level. Zong is planning to take the lion’s share in Pakistani cellular market. This year is for introducing new projects by Zong. Few days ago, Zong CEO hinted a merger between his company and another telecom operator.

The overall scenario is that Zong is facing difficulties in making highest rate of return on investment being made in Pakistan. “It is difficult to make profits in Pakistan’s market and the return on investments comes in different outlines,” Liu said adding “Maybe, in the future, we can think of buying an operator.”

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