MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Registration Number Search Online

With the aim of accommodating the citizens of Punjab province, Excise Department of Punjab has introduced Motor Transport Information Management System using which any person can get the vehicle records and related field operations to reduce hassle.

Punjab Information Technology Board has developed the new management and controlling system that improved the existing practices in such a manner that multiple queries may help to retrieve any information on a board spectrum.

It is now very easy for a buyer to know about registration of the vehicle. The system also comes up with the engine and chassis number of the vehicle. Now you won’t have doubts on the legal documents of the vehicle before and after buying. For sellers, it’s very easy to ensure the documents to the buyer just by asking the buyer to check it on the website and then cross check the records.

The good about this system is that if you have no internet connection, then you can still get the information using your mobile. Here we are telling the both procedures.

Online Vehicle Registration by Punjab MTMIS via Website

Move to the website http://mtmis.punjab.gov.pk and enter the vehicle number as ABC 123 or whatever it is. In response, you will get tax or token submission date, and the name of the owner. This service can be used for verifying both motorcycles and cars registration.

Online Vehicle Registration by Punjab MTMIS via SMS

The procedure is same, just type the registration number in the format of ABC 1234 or whatever it is and send to 9966. You will get the status instantly. Charges are Rs. 1 +tax for each inquiry.online-vehicle-registration-verification-in-punjab-mtmis-howpk-com_

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