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Photos of Pakistani cricketers and their wives!

(Last Updated On: 14/07/2017)

Undoubtedly, cricket is the most popular sports of Asia, but in South Asian countries it is much more than merely a sport.

alking particularly about cricket in Pakistan, here cricketers are regarded as superstars, and prayers are said to be the mandatory practice of everyone when the team Green arrives in the battle field.

It won’t be wrong to call that Pakistani cricketers enjoy a king size life and that is not all just on behalf of their status as cricketers as some glorious performance or some spectacular feat is required to get it in the good books of cricket fans. And when the lucky one gets his place over there he is treated like a nation’s hero. To be very clear, for the people of Pakistan cricketers are their heroes, celebrities, superstars and every of the else standard status.

When cricketers get popular, fans always prefer to know more and more about their stars. they are being discussed at different forums, even people like gossiping about them. In the very same way many also opt the style of  their favorite cricketers and owe them huge respect.

Pakistani cricketers in the recent tour to England and Australia went along with their families and got pictured at different places.

Here are some of the latest photos of cricketers with their wives during Australia tour:

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