Night Coach Train Ticket Price, Timing & Booking 2018-2019

The timing of trains in Pakistan is a huge issue most of the time the trains are hours late than their determined time.
Due to the timing and comfort issue, travellers shifted to bus services that offered exact timings and comfort as well. Travellers stopped using trains and due to which the condition of railway went from bad to worst. In the last decade, many passengers have shifted from trains to bus services due to the uncertainty of the trains. But when the journey is long then the bus is also not a good option as one can’t sit in the same gesture of long durations.

Pakistan Railway Trains are:

  • Awam Express
  • Green Line
  • Pakistan Express
  • Khyber Mail
  • Tezgam
  • Karachi Express
  • Night Coach
  • Shalimar Express
  • Bahauddin Zakraya Express
  • Hazara Express

To cope up the requirements, Pakistan railway has come up with night coach train. The fully air-conditioned train operates between Rawalpindi to Karachi with few stops. In one compartment 2 beds are available and 1 clean toilet is attached with each compartment very comfortable.

The fare of the trains are different classes is different. Night Coach Train Ticket price information according to the latest fare table of Pakistan railway. Pakistan rail full fare ticket price Air conditioned class, AC Business, A.C Standard, A.C Lower and A.C Sleeper Karya schedule at Karachi railway station.

Talking about Pakistan train fare price, the timetable of Night Coach of Pakistan Railway.

Shalimar Express 28 DN:

Shalimar Express 27 Up:


Karachi – Lahore Fare

Economy Class Rs 1,500 , AC Lower Rs 3,500 and AC Sleeper Rs 5,500

Fare of trains may vary with time. You can check the recent price and for booking, you can visit the official web.


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