Hajj Qurandazi Draw Results 2019: Check Hajj 2019 Application Status Online

Finally, today Hajj Draw 2019 will be held today in Islamabad at 4pm. The successful applicants will also be contacted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, although the application status and final results of draw can also be checked online while just resting in luxuries of your houses. Selected Successful / Unsuccessful Applicants govt hajj candidates list of hajj 2019 Pakistan will be informed via SMS. If you didn’t received sms please check online using official website link below. Govt balloted 216, 542 from Hajj applications pilgrims this year.

To view the group detail, you need the CNIC Number or the Hajj Application Number. Ballot was conducted at 04:00 PM and result available now.

Tutorial to check the Hajj Application Status:

1) Enter your CNIC or Hajj Application Number.

2) Type Image Verification and press Search, if needed and press submit.

Applicants can now easily verify their basic information and group details. In case of any discrepancy such as Missing or Extra Group Member, Incorrect CNIC Number, Incomplete Basic Information or any other related mistake, kindly consult respective branch of the bank where you have submitted your application.

Hajj 2019 Draw Results Check Here

Online checking of Hajj application status can be made after entering the CNIC of the applicant at the official page (you can be there just by clicking the above mentioned Hajj 2019 Draw Results).

Hajj Draw 2019 Results via Official website

Once the balloting is done, an SMS will be sent to the applicants to share the result.

The Ballot result shall also be made available online today by the day end. If you are facing any issues do let us know in comments section below. Govt website do face some downtime.

Please enter your ‘CNIC No.’ OR your ‘Hajj Application No.’ to view your result.
برائے مہربانی اپنا نتیجہ دیکھنے کے لیے شناختی کارڈ نمبر یا حج درخواست نمبر درج کریں ۔

قرعہ اندازی کے بعد درخواست دہندگان کو نتائج بذریعہ میسیج موصول ہو ں گے۔

قرعہ اندازی کے نتائج آج رات تک آن لائن بھی دستیاب کر دیے جائیں گے۔


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  • Javeria Jabar on 12/03/2019

    how i can check hajj draw 2019?

    • Ali on 12/03/2019

      Javeria, Please use above form or link and enter CNIC / Application numebr in it.

  • Sana Ch. on 12/03/2019

    Result kaisy check karon main ?

    • Ali on 12/03/2019

      Dear Sana, Ap Hajj Application No. dalain form main aur submit ka button dabain.

  • Jamaia Khna on 12/03/2019

    Yes, We got our name is the results.


    • Ali on 12/03/2019

      Congratulations 🙂

  • John Kom on 12/03/2019

    This site is useful.

    • Ali on 12/03/2019

      قرعہ اندازی کے بعد درخواست دہندگان کو نتائج بذریعہ میسیج موصول ہو ں گے۔

      قرعہ اندازی کے نتائج آج رات تک آن لائن بھی دستیاب کر دیے جائیں گے

  • Amna Ali on 12/03/2019

    Yes sir, that for the help. I check using your site.

  • Ali on 12/03/2019 is facing downtime.

    • Ahmad AR on 12/03/2019

      I confirm it site

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