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The world of entertainment is witnessing the new entries every day. Although it takes time to make their place among the veteran artists. Acting is not something that you can learn. It is a natural quality and skill that can be improved through learning but not gained through it. Pakistan is a fertile country especially when it comes to skill, art, and creative. This land has seen a number of great actors who became popular even on the global level. With the passage of time as the number of channels have emerged it has become easier for many new faces to appear on the screen and show their acting skills. One of the emerging names in this context is that of Hajra Yamin. This young face belongs to the popular city of Rawalpindi. It is from there that she started her career and started appearing in the theatre. Plays like Anwar Maqsood’s Siachen introduced her skills to the world of entertainment. This was followed by other theatrical performances in Bye mistake and a complete family.

Hajra then moved to the television world. The audience witnessed her performance in 2017 when she acted in Tau Dil ka kiya hoa. Later she was seen in Tabeer. Currently, she is seen in one of the popular plays of this year Bandi. Playing the role of Rameen she has proved her worth as an emerging star of the recent time.

Hajra was born in 1994 s great to see how she has become popular in a very short time. It is all because of the hard work that she has climbed the staircase of success at this young age of 24. She has the ability to perform professionally and she still hopes to show the world much more than what she has done.

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