Rabi Pirzada’s Video Message After her Scandal

Rabi Peerzada was a Pakistani singer and a famous tiktok muser. In the past couple of days, we came to know about the most talked controversy in our surroundings. The controversy was about Rabi Peerzada’s leaked pictures and videos. After so many memes, roasts and how we Pakistani can’t let live anyone if they got success or failure. We always come up with rumors and criticize everyone for doing anything. Like if we have become the person a meme material for everyone out there.

Some so many girls are suffering and going through what Rabi has gone through. Rabi was wearing a jet black dress covering her head with a headscarf. In her latest video message, she has a message for all of us as she apologized to her fans for what happened and said she feels like Allah Almighty granted her a new life. Rabi was extremely heartbroken and emotional and she quoted religious texts in her video message. Rabi Peerzada revealed that when her videos and pictures were leaked a lot of people approached her for Television commercials, other private events, and concerts which were clearly in the reaction of the negative content.

Rabi Peerzada said,

“My flaws are between me and my creator Allah Almighty, the One who knows the best always and what is in the heart of everyone. He is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiver.”

Further, she added,

“Many women came up to me and also offered and protect me, persuading me that no one would be able to say anything to me under the statements #MeToo and #MeraJismMeriMarzi.”

But she said why

#MerajismMeriMarzi it is “Mera Jism Allah Ki Marzi.

A lot of people came up with their cheap mentality and accused her as if she has done this for fame, attention even though some said she got the punishment for speaking up against Modi and PM Imran Khan. Rabi broke into tears many times in the video with sorrow. She revealed that she will spend her life in remembrance and guidance of Allah Almighty and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.W.S) and the meaning of her life is religion only.

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Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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  • Hetton on 18/11/2019

    People who stand and back evil are consider to be partner of evil. So evil should be considered evil.
    While on the other hand action speaks loud.
    Read your Islam then comment. Ms. Arooj Ahmad is also projecting her.

  • Hetton on 18/11/2019

    She became a famous prostitue of Asia. What else does she want?
    In this life she is highly successful prostitute.
    Let’s see and wait for other life.


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