Sahib-e-Asra Won Gold Medal in National Athletics Championship

Just like behind every successful man there is a successful woman. Similarly, there is a man behind every successful woman too. In countries like Pakistan where the women were never encouraged to participate in the worldly chore and were often criticized for being adventurous or aiming high, the times are now changing. The girls and women of all ages and classes are emerging with extraordinary achievements. We have seen the women flying the fastest jet lanes, hiking up the highest mountains, becoming computer might and even showing their creative skills in the world of Hollywood.

Besides all these achievements it seems that the clergy class is too conservative and they are the first one to oppose the achievements and progress of the female members of society. One of the most viral news on social media these days about the fastest girl of Pakistan Sahib-e-Asra has compelled the people to rethink about this concept too.

Sahib-e-Asra is neither a  daughter of a sports family, nor she belongs to the so-called open-minded class of the society. She is the daughter of an imam masjid of a local mosque in Faisalabad. She became a phenomenon in the world of sports after winning a gold medal in the National Athletics Championship 2018. This speedy young girl further fascinated the fans after she told that she was standing on the victory stand because of no one else but her father. He was the one who backed her and supported her despite significant opposition from the people living in her surroundings. When there was no one to support her even from the closest relations, her father motivated her to pursue her dreams.

This winning story has no doubt changed the outlook of the people all over the world. This act of supporting the daughter against all the odds has motivated and inspired many other people too. This clergy with a white beard who leads the prayers has shown the people the right way to spend the life.

YouTube video
YouTube video

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