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Hello world, my name is Tammy Tahreem. I have been writing since 2 years now, my expertise are writing for fashion, style, beauty and technology, but this is my first time that I am writing on the national level. Here I will provide you the national news of different mediums, I am sure that you would love to get your dose of latest happenings from my side. Be positive and always hope for the best, as yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a ‘’present’’, that is why we call it as the present. I hope that you would like my articles and my posts, if you have any suggestion that how I can improve, or what should I try next do let me know, as I am willing to make myself better than ever.

Rivo Phantom PZ15 Review

Rivo mobile recently introduced its new mobile in the market. This mobile comprise of many plus points that it is quite awesome with smart features and available in reasonable price….

Clean Water ATM Machines in Pakistan

Having access to clean drinking water is every human being’s basic right. The areas where water sources are polluted usually develop large number of disease. Availability of clean water  is…