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First Lady Bushra Maneka’s First Interview

The first lady of Pakistan has appeared on screen for the first time on  interview with Pakistani anchor Nadeem Malik at news channel. Bushra Maneka was very confident during her interview and she cleared all the rumours and doubts that were being circulated by her haters and anti-Imran Khan People. The main points of her interview were Veil /Scarf, Iddat and her marriage with Imran Khan. Bushra Bibi, talking about her appearance said, “My veil doesn’t define that I am not modern. I should be judged on the basis of my personality, not my face.” She said its basic feature of Islamic women and at least people shouldn’t make fun of it especially in Pakistan which is an Islamic country. …

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Aamir Liaquat’s Ramzan show on BOL TV: List of Prizes, Segments & Passes Details

BOL  TV is no short of the leading channels in Pakistan with likes of Aamir Liaquat on board. At the same time, it won’t be wrong to say that this channel is not going very well with the regulatory authority PEMRA. Leaving all the issues aside, BOL TV  is in no mood to give up easy; and their latest revelation regarding their show this Ramazan will make them even prominent among the dozens of other channels going up with the special shows in the holy month. One of the biggest anchors of Pakistan, Aamir Liaquat will be hosting the show ‘Ramazan Mein BOL’ in the holy month of Ramadan. The thing which works as an icing on the cake is …

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