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Pakistanis Respond to Ahad and Momina’s ‘Ko Ko Korina’

“KO Korina” famous song was sung by pop singer Ahmed Rushdi. Also filmed on Waheed Murad. The cover Coke Studio’s Season 11, delivered by Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi in which Ahad Raza Mir’s singing debut, was recently aired on with Momina’s Mustahsen. It did not go well with fans, Which of course took to Twitter to express their wrath and dissatisfaction, isn’t resounding great with fans and groups of audience they respond on Twitter. Ahad Raza Mir lead actor of Yaqqen ka Safar liked by huge fans, but now introduction on the music stage and fans were eager to observe what the heartthrob had for them. ‘Ko Korina’ Old Version: ‘Ko Korina’ Coke Studio : The song has disappointed many, …

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Story of Ayesha Ahad & Hamza Marriage

As PT, The Nation reported. Allegedly Marriage scandal of Ayesha Ahad Malik by on Mr. Humza Shahbaz. The bride unveils the story in a different manner after facing media. She hopes that she would get justice and her life would again be settled. In her opinion she is a victim of harassment and maltreatment. Allegedly Her ex-husband Hamza Shahbaz is a villain who is torturing her because she claims to be his third wife. She has all the photos as evidence and proper Nikkah nama with her. She needs immediate justice as so many cases are filed against her. In a press conference she unveiled that police upon PML-N will maltreated her. PML-N is threatening her instead of taking her …

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