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Withholding Tax Rates in Pakistan for 2018-19

A withholding tax also called as a retention tax, is an income tax that is paid to the government by the payer of the income rather than by the recipient of the revenue. The tax is then withheld or deducted from the revenue due to the recipient. People of Pakistan are now well aware of this tax. In 2018 it has been declared by the tax chat that withholding tax rates are so applicable to cash withdrawal services. For guidance, it is a kind of income tax that is applicable by using various type of bank services. Usually, the money goes to the government from the payer side. The importance of withholding tax rates in Pakistan (2018-2019) is due to its own adjustable and …

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FBR Can Access all Your Bank Accounts Details now

Federal Board of Revenue can now access the bank account of anyone. The step has taken to control corruption and illegal funding and terrorist activities. Federal board of revenue will be taking the detail direct from the banking network and will have access to the minutest details of the account holder. Before this FBR wasn’t allowed as per article no. 165 but now the article has been bypassed, and as per new rule the FBR can access the account details of any account holder. Upon this the business class group has many doubts and are totally against it. They will ultimately reject the new law because it will do bad instead of good because when corrupt officers will have access …

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Why PayPal Does Not Want to Come in Pakistan?

Well, you ever wonder why Paypal is not coming to Pakistan or why still it has not been introduced in Pakistan. First of all, we should know that what is the benefit of Paypal, if you have Paypal account you pay for your online shopping with this account with full proof security, you can receive payments from all freelancers, you can receive money from Google add sense etc. So there are lots of benefits if you have an account of PayPal but unfortunately, Paypal doesn’t operate in Pakistan. The reason behind for not operating in Pakistan is that it initially cost 40 Million Dollars to Paypal for installing the setup and as per their calculations Pakistan won’t be a profitable …

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Central Bank of Afghanistan Website Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army (PayBack)

We do remember yesterday Official website of Pakistani Army was defaced by a group claimed be Afghan Cyber Army. In response to that Pakistani Hacker Group known as Pakistan Cyber Army hacked the official website of Afghan Central Bank.This was seemly quick reaction by local hacker group. In their mail they also claimed the backup was also leaked in this attempt.

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