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Songs.PK Launched many mirrors after getting blocked in India

The most famous website Songs.pk is now banned in India after Calcutta high court order. Songs.pk is a popular site to download Bollywood songs. As it is banned in India so don’t be afraid if you are unable to access songs.pk to download your favorite songs. However, the site is not down, and anyone can access it easily by using some tricks. Calcutta high court has ordered all the internet service providers to ban songs.pk because it is a Pakistani website. Now, this site is no longer available to download songs, but you can use it in India easily to access this blocked site by using some easy tricks. Site is also popular many Mirrors name i.e. songspk.shop, songs-pk.in, songspk.im, …

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How To Open Blocked Sites In Pakistan Using Chrome

Although YouTube got a green signal by Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority three years ago still many websites are blocked in Pakistan. We will like to make it clear that we are not talking about adult and pornography sites only. There are hundreds of social, entertainments, music, movies, and foreign news channels sites that are blocked by PTA as per the direction of Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Information and Technology. There are multiple ways to open all type of blocked websites in Pakistan. First of all, there was proxy software then comes the proxy server and online proxy websites that have made it easy for the internet users to get an easy and free access to …

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How to Open Blocked Sites – Top 8 Different Tricks

Here is a collection of useful tricks to open blocked sites and unblock them. It is hoped you will get benefit from these tricks to browse banned sites in your country. Google Cache: Different search engines like Google or Yahoo Cache web pages option can help you to open blocked sites. These cached pages are stored in the search engines themselves so you can click on the cache option to show that cache version of the page. Use IP address instead of URL You can open blocked sites by using IP address instead of URL. Sometimes blocked URLs list sites so typing the IP can sometimes open the blocked sites. If you are using a local computer, you can do …

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How to Use / Open YouTube in Pakistan – Unblock Access

Due anti-Islamic videos; YouTube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as per its largest resource of online videos data repository once can not deny its importance as per its usage and realistic need for working professional and students some may not survive without availability of its service, even thought few people think of this act as unethical as government banned and people should follow Govt’s act and do not access the blocked video site, but in extreme wee have to use it. I’ll describe a very simple method to access the YouTube in Pakistan Govt. is planing to open YouTube, it can still be open using this https link : Open YouTube If it still doesn’t work, please use …

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