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Pakistan Beat India in 19th Asian Junior Squash Championship

The matches between India and Pakistan are always exciting, not only for the folks of these countries but for the entire world. Whether it’s a cricket match, Hockey match, Tennis Match, etc. people show interest in all games between these two rival countries. In the match between India and Pakistan in 19th Asian Junior Squash Championship, Pakistan win. The sensational and amazing performance by the Harris saved the day for Pakistan and earned a big victory by beating Pakistan’s traditional rival India. The match was held in Pattaya, the city of Thailand on Thursday, 17th January 2019. The game was exciting as both teams played well and worked hard to let their own countries win. Although Pakistan’s Squash team is …

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Muhammad Bilal wins ACBS 10-Red championship

Pakistan has a fertile soil not just in terms of the natural resources but also regarding the manpower and human assets. We have seen people reaching the highest peaks, hoisting the flag in the frozen polar regions, flying above the most dangerous air routes and much more.  These courageous people dare to do anything to reach their goals. Sports and games are a passion for people. Although all the sports are not getting the due attention like cricket still the Pakistani players are committed to carving their name among the top rankers in different games. Snooker is one such game in which the Pakistani players have built a reputation in the world. It is not just hitting the balls on …

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Sahib-e-Asra Won Gold Medal in National Athletics Championship

Just like behind every successful man there is a successful woman. Similarly, there is a man behind every successful woman too. In countries like Pakistan where the women were never encouraged to participate in the worldly chore and were often criticized for being adventurous or aiming high, the times are now changing. The girls and women of all ages and classes are emerging with extraordinary achievements. We have seen the women flying the fastest jet lanes, hiking up the highest mountains, becoming computer might and even showing their creative skills in the world of Hollywood. Besides all these achievements it seems that the clergy class is too conservative and they are the first one to oppose the achievements and progress …

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