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Amanat Chan Wiki, Bio & Dramas

Punjabi stage drama is one of an integral part of the entertainment industry of Pakistan and one of the highly rated comedians of Punjabi drama theater is Ammant Chan. Ammant Chan has his unique style of saying things which is the main reason for his success in the drama industry is that he makes a very simple joke a hilarious one. He ensures the optimum use of his facial expressions and makes fun of himself as well. The most amazing thing about his comedy is that he won’t utter vulgar things. Pakistani Famous Theater Artist and Comedian Amanat Chan is known for Wohti Le Kay Jani Aay (2010). Amanat Chan Wiki, Bio: Name: Amanat Ali Nick Name: Amanat chan Birthplace: Karachi Pakistan Profession: Comedian Gender: Male Country: Pakistan Nationality: Pakistani Hair: Black …

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Humza Arshad: The Brave Comedian

Not many are brave enough to call out the jihadists directly and to mock them on the stage. Well this Comedian sure is. His name is Humza Arshad and he is a British Pakistani. And he has a lot to say about Jihadists and their ways. “Have you noticed how in those terrorist videos they’re always sitting on the floor. He said to a group of school kids. “What’s up with that? I swear they can afford a chair.” And he commented on their pants while pointing at his shins “Always coming up to here, like, did you borrow this from your little brother or something?” Another of his jokes is: “Their ankles are very dry, I’m just, like, looking …

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Sikandar Sanam, another loss of the Comedy World

Once Life asked Death, why do people love me but hate you? Death responded, “because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.” A painful truth regarding a loved one is always heart rending. A person who gave maximum smiles ,laughter, entertainment by his acting, singing and live performances, has left forever today. Sikandar Sanam, a comedian, a theater artist and a singer earned international fame in the art of mimicry. He was born in Karachi and his real name was Mujammad Sikandar. He was a son of famous poet of Indo-Pak Asia Syed Abdul Sattar Shoqeen Jetpuri (late) like father like son. Having looked into Sikandar’s career history, the fact will reveal that singing and acting …

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