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Suzuki Alto vs Daihatsu Mira: Price and Specs Comparison

Suzuki Alto and Daihatsu Mira are one of the most popular compact cars of the two Japanese automakers. Both are known for being economical in point of fuel consumption and overall price as well. Apparently you will be unable to find the differences between two but there are many things that create the fine line between these two cars. The points that need to be considering for making the differences between these two cars are: Fuel Efficiency Dimensions and Weight Performance Availability of Mechanic Availability of Genuine Spare Parts Overall Repair and Maintenance Cost After considering all above mentioned factors it become easy to determine the differences between two. Suzuki Alto vs Daihatsu Mira Price Comparison Suzuki Alto Price in …

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Suzuki GD 110 vs GD 110S: Price and Specs Comparison

Suzuki GD 110 and GD 110S are two bikes of Pak Suzuki. Apparently, there is no bigger difference between Suzuki GD110 and Suzuki GD 110S. Both are having a powerful engine and features of being four-stroke, 100cc, SOHC, air cooled engine with electric and decompress kick for a safe and comfortable start. Both bikes have self-start system, headlight cowling, and aluminum alloy wheels. The difference is only in price, and the other fact is that GD110S is the upgraded version of Suzuki GD 110. The new stylish designs of both bikes are the surety of marvelous performance. Their combustion system is intended to enhance the performance. Their latest and advance engine is based on long stroke quality that aims to …

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Honda CBR 150R vs Suzuki GS 150: Price and Specs Comparison

Honda and Suzuki are two leading automakers in Pakistan that are ruling over the Pakistan automobile industry for past many years. The sale of their bikes is many time higher than many other bike manufacturers. However, you can include the bikes of Yamaha in this list as well. In this article, we will make the comparison of Honda CBR 150R and Suzuki GS 150 SE. Honda CBR 150R Honda is without any doubt the largest manufacturer of motorbikes in Pakistan. For past many years, it has been ruling in Pakistani market. The increasing demands for motorbikes have although increases the demands for Chinese motorcycles, but Honda is still at the top position. Despite the fact, it has recently increased the …

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Shusmtia Sen Reciting “Sura e Asar” & Rehman Malik Reciting “Surah Ikhlas”

You guys remember Rehman Malik reciting Sura Al-Ikhlas? well this time round its Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen who came very close to Mr. Rehman Malik our ex-information minister in recitation of verses of Holy Quran. Sushmita Sen while talking to media about Ramzan and what she likes about Ramzan came up with some verses of Quran and those verses were of Sura e Al-Asar.

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