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Amazing Story of Friendship of a Bear, Lion and Tiger

A lion (Leo), tiger (Shere Khan) and a bear (Baloo) were found during a raid on the basement of a drug dealer. They were small cubs at that time and were living a life of abuse in the basement of drug dealer. They were helpless cubs who were starving and were full of parasites having a number of diseases. They started rehabilitation at Noah’s Ark that is situated in Georgia. Shere Khan and Leo were having infections and were heavily malnourished. Baloo was in worst condition of them all as he was kept in harness from the very beginning and it required him to undergo a surgery to remove the harness. When Baloo was undergoing surgery, this was the only …

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Facebook Friendship Results 13-Years Old Boy Kidnapped

Social media has become an important part of life for those people who use internet. Facebook is one of the websites that has played an important role for the social media to creep into our lives. It allows you to make new friends and keep yourself updated about those friends. Making new friends has never been that easy. But while you make new friends, you must not trust them readily. If you trust them before you give the relationship some time and get to know each other very well, it could prove to be dangerous. This is the story of such an incident where 13 years old Mustafa made a new friend on Facebook. Mustafa is the resident of New …

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Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers for Sale

You are young and peppy but alone. Want to make sizzling and beautiful friends,then what are you waiting for …We are here to meet your desire.Numbers of school, college and university Girls are available  at very humble prize. Our contact number is……######! An ad in the C class evening newspaper (Shaam ka Akhbar) Cellular Phone is one of most used or abused bounty of modern science in Pakistan. Impetuous youth of  Pakistan are enjoying the dream time.Cheap mobile packages and inexpensive mobile phones. Parents have no objection, they want to remain in touch with their children due to unstable situation of the country any mishap can happen at any moment.So the question of  having a self phone in a unsuitable …

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