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Nine Year Old Girl Saved from “Vani” in Mithanwali

According to Police, 30 years old man was accused of having illegitimate relations with a 26 years old woman. Both belonged to the local tribe Mandoos. Woman was the daughter of the local tribal chief. After getting knowledge of the relationship, woman’s family called panchayat and demanded that the man should be killed and all his property should be given to the father of the woman. Father of the 30 years old man begged 50-man panchayat to have mercy and issue another punishment instead of the current one. This is where panchayat decided to “vani” 9 years old niece of 30 years old man to be punished. The nine years old “vani” girl was to be married to 10 years …

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Waqar Zaka a Illuminati Member says Girl

Waqar Zaka is a famous TV host that is presenting shows with reality games and tasks. With these shows, Waqar Zaka has gained high level of fame in the showbiz industry that is an observable matter for all people. In the same way, some people are enjoying these shows and they like to participate in these tasks. Fans of Waqar Zaka are also supporting him in different place like social sites and communal platforms.

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Girl Thrown Out of House On Securing High Grades By Her Father.

Some rotten eggs in society becomes reason of shame for the whole society. Such fathers became source of humiliation for the whole nation as such news reflects a image of illiterate Pakistan. A girl naming Atiya secured 940 marks out of 1050 marks in metric examination that means almost 90 percent marks and such excellent percentage would make most of the parents very proud of their boy or girl but not in case of Atiya.

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