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Sahib-e-Asra Won Gold Medal in National Athletics Championship

Just like behind every successful man there is a successful woman. Similarly, there is a man behind every successful woman too. In countries like Pakistan where the women were never encouraged to participate in the worldly chore and were often criticized for being adventurous or aiming high, the times are now changing. The girls and women of all ages and classes are emerging with extraordinary achievements. We have seen the women flying the fastest jet lanes, hiking up the highest mountains, becoming computer might and even showing their creative skills in the world of Hollywood. Besides all these achievements it seems that the clergy class is too conservative and they are the first one to oppose the achievements and progress …

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Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2015: Pakistan Army secures Gold Medal at the highly prestigious drill in UK

The gallantry and the worldwide acclaimed Pakistan army has secured gold medal at the highly prestigious Cambrain Patrol. Last year, Pakistan Army managed for the Silver Medal but this time making come back with more vigor, adjusted for the Gold Medal. The aim of the event is to enhance the skills of troops under different conditions and making them more powerful to cope with the challenges in warfare or in troubles. The point should be kept clear that the Exercise Cambrian Patrol is not a contest or a competition; it is about dares, techniques and proficiency of the professional soldiery. This year in 2015 over 100 teams participated, including teams from the British Army, Royal Air Force and some reputable …

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Eye to Eye by Tahir Shah Won Gold Medal and World Record Title

During the last year, Tahir Shah sung a song titled ‘Eye to Eye’. It went viral not due to its melodious tune but it was the most hated song, yet it bagged a huge viewership all over Pakistan and internationally. The news worth sharing here is that this debut music video ‘Eye to Eye’ by Tahir Shah has won a World Record Title and a Gold Medal. Record Holders Republic (RHR) England has awarded a Gold Medal to Tahir Shah for singing the Most Popular Eye Song of 2013. People termed this song as a crappy one and heavy criticism was faced by Tahir Shah for singing the song. Facebook troll images were all over Facebook and everyone was talking …

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Muhammad Waseem Confirms Silver Medal For Pakistan in Commonwealth Games 2014

Due to brilliant performance of fly-weight (52 KG) boxer Muhammad Waseem, Pakistan sure is now contender for another silver medal in Commonwealth Games 2014. Muhammad Waseem beat Abdul Omar of Ghana in Glasgow on Friday. 26-years old Muhammad Waseem is confident to win first gold medal in Commonwealth Games 2014 for Pakistan. He will have to win against Andrew Moloney from Australia to make this dream come true. Final is on Saturday 2nd of August 2014.

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Fawad Alam Awarded Gold Medal on Asia Cup Performance

Fawad Alam who was taken for granted and many thought that if he is part of team or not a part of team it doesn’t make a difference. He was known as a player who can’t take pressure of international cricket. He remained on and off in the team but never made impact in team he was also known for his slow run rate and many predicted that he can only perform in domestic cricket.

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