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How to File Annual Income Tax Return?

To learn how to file an annual income tax return, there are a few necessary things to be known. Firstly we have to see who or which person have to return his file i-e they are Categorized as: Salary Individual Business Individual AOP(ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS) Company First three categories are termed as other than the company. STEPS TO FOLLOW: To upload ITR (INCOME TAX RETURN), there are following steps to be noted: 1- First download the ITR Software on your PC or Laptop to perform the following task. 2- In the next step you have to Prepare the Return, for this gather all the information about your Income, Tax payments, deductions etc. Compute the personal details and TDS(Tax deducted at …

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BPS Pay Scale 2018-19: FG Employees New Revised Pay Scales and Allowances

The Budget 2018-19 has been finally tabled a day before, and now the Federal Government Employees are searching over the internet and discussing with their colleagues what they have got actually. Truly speaking FG Employees are in a win-win situation this time to some extent. In addition to 10% flat increase in their salaries, they will get 50% increment House Rent Allowance and Rental Ceiling as well. Adhoc Relief Final for 2018 Revised Rental Ceiling Chart 2018 The increment in House Rent Allowance of 50% is in favour of those not availing hiring or self-hiring facility allowance from the government. Those availing Rental Ceiling Allowances are also eligible to get that benefit at all. In addition to raise in salary …

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Shahbaz is Rich – Nawaz Shareef vs. Shahbaz Shareef

Shahbaz Sharif who has become the Chief Minister of Punjab Province of Pakistan once again is reported to have been richer than his brother and PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif is due to become Prime Minister in the coming few days for the third time. Last year statements of assets were submitted to ECP before election. According to those statements Shahbaz Sharif was the owner of PKR 336.9 Million last year while Mian Nawaz Sharif was the owner of PKR 261.6 Million. Every year there is a positive change in the income statements of Mian Nawaz Sharif. In 2010 he was the owner of PKR 9.7 Million. In 2011 his income elevated to PKR 10.6 Million while in …

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