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Wazaif Asma-e-Husna (Names of Allah)

Allah is the Arabic word for God. In Islam there are 99 Names of God (asmaul husna meaning: “The best names”) each name show characteristic of Allah. You can Get honoured in world and akhirat(heaven) by remembering and repeating the 99 name of Allah almighty. You can get rid of your daily problems by reciting these names.

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Faysal Bank Completely converting to Islamic Banking

Islamic banking is becoming very popular in Pakistan, as many people in our country wants interest free profit. By interest fee I mean Halal money, in simple words being a Muslim most of us want to avoid haram money. The banking system in Pakistan is interests based but due to religious awareness people now dislike interest based banking system and are withdrawing money from banks.

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New Islamic Channel Tehzeeb Going to be Launched

A good news for all the Muslims as another Islamic TV channel is being launched by the name of Tehzeeb. Awareness regarding our religion is the most important thing that we need right now. We have lost our original cause of life, we forgot why we were sent on this earth, we have forgotten the teachings of our Holy Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him. It is a moment of worry for all the Muslim ummah as no one is thinking to educate children about Islam and its teachings.

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Dr. Zakir Naik Launches ‘Peace Mobile’ an Islamic Smart Phone

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, an Indian public speaker born on 18 October 1965 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is known worldwide through his speeches and strong motives on the subject of Islam and religion. He had laid down strong foundations for the promotion and advancement of Islam in the world. Among these is The Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is a non-profit organization owning Peace TV channel originated in Dubai, UAE. He personally is the founder and president f the organization with his wife, Farhat Naik, a deputy of the women’s section. His debates and lectures are one of the other strong means of Islam popularity with in the people. Dr. Zakir debated with William Campbell in Chicago in April 2000 on the topic of “The Qur’an and …

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Pakistani Boys Islamic Names with Meaning

A Aazad (free, independent – Persian word) Aban (abaan-more clear) Abbad (abbaad-great worshipper) Abbas (abbaas-name of the Prophet’s uncle) Adib (adeeb – cultured, civilised) Affan (affaan-name of Caliph Uthman’s father) Ajwad (better) Allam (very knowledgeagble) Almas (diamond) Amir (aamir-thriving, prosperous) Ammar (ammaar-great builder) Aniq (neat, elegant, smart) Antar (name of Arab hero of chivalry) Arwarh (more delicate, more gracious) Ashraf (more noble) Asif (aasif-describer) Asil (aseel-genuine, pure) Asir (captivating, fascinating) Askari (soldier) Awwab (awwaab-great repenter to God) Ayaz (ayaaz-slave [Persian]) Ayham (imaginary) Ayman (right-handed, lucky) Azhar (very or more evident – Arabic word)

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