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Top 10 Destinations For Muslim Travelers In 2015

A Worldwide Muslim Travel Index conducted by MasterCard-Crescent Rating come up with top destinations for Muslim tourists in 2015. The places were ranked after discovering a location’s suitability as a holiday place, its Muslim friendly services and it is awareness of halal foodstuff. Listed below are the top Ten destinations for 2015: 1. Malaysia 2. Turkey 3. UAE 4. Saudi Arabia 5. Qatar 6. Indonesia 7. Oman 8. Jordan 9. Singapore 10. Morocco

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Malaysia First Position in Survey of “Halal Holidays for Muslims”

According to a survey conducted by Singapore based Muslim travel specialist Crescentrating, Malaysia tops the rankings for halal friendly holiday destination. Other major competitors included Turkey, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia but none of them was able to leave behind Malaysia. This survey evaluated the countries on the basis of their attractiveness in terms of catering the needs of Muslim travellers. This included presence and accessibility of halal restaurants serving meat that is slaughtered according to the Islamic standard as well as places to offer five time prayers at airports, hotels and shopping malls and other public places. Crescentrating Chief Executive Fazal Bahardeen stated that An increasing number of destinations are now keen on tapping into this segment …

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Pakistani Illegal Immigrants Facing Trouble in Malaysian Jails

Bad Condition of Pakistani Prisoners in Jails of Malaysia

After Saudi Arabia, Malaysian Immigration department has also launched a huge crackdown against illegal residents. In this crackdown thousands of Pakistanis were arrested in addition to Indians, Bangladeshis and people from many other countries. Pakistanis in prison have started hunger strike against Pakistani Embassy in Malaysia. According to these prisoners, Malaysian Immigration staff arrests them, torture them and then rip them off of any money or any other precious thing that they have with them and take it away from them. They are kept in such prisons where even animals can’t be kept. Due to this action many Pakistani prisoners are getting depressed and catching other types of diseases as well. After a few months when the court rules that …

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Pakistani Student Won Malaysian President Award

When it comes to proving, its Pakistan who comes up on the top. Another Pakistani student proved the talent that Pakistan have got and this time its Syed Faiq Najeeb who won a prestigious educational award of Malaysia. The talented Pakistani Student won Malaysia President Award as he secured the highest CGP in his graduate program. Syed belongs to Karachi and has been studying at International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance. This guy has really made all Pakistani’s proud of him.

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Google Malaysia Google.com.my Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for the homepage of Malaysian version of Google (google.com.my and google.my) are hacked by Pakistani hackers group. MadLeets named hackers group has confirmed that they are responsible for this defacement activity. Confirmation was done through a message that was being shown on Google’s homepage for Malaysia. It seems that DNS of hackers successfully poisoned the Google domains and were able to redirect them to one of their own web server. Both domains remained defaced for quite a long time. Normally even after the DNS is updated, it takes around 24 hours of time before the defacement comes to an end. Original DNS needs to be propagated all across the web before the webpages can be …

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Malaysian Govt. Crackdown against Overseas Pakistanis

Earlier the news about crackdown by Saudi government against illegal residents was quite hot. Many Pakistanis were hit badly by this crackdown. Following the example set by Saudi government, Malaysia has also initiated a crackdown that has caused a huge number of Pakistani illegal residents in Malaysia to end up in jails. The crackdown operation was conducted in Kuala Lumpur. These Pakistanis were already facing tough conditions in Malaysia as they were jobless and now in addition this arrest has increased their troubles. Sources claim that even some legal residents were also arrested. Despite having legal visa and permission to stay in Malaysia, they were arrested and the details are unknown but the reason could be that they were providing …

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