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PTA DIRBS: All International Visitors to Pakistan Must Register their Phone’s IMEI

It is has been made clear now that all visitor to Pakistani i.e. Overseas Pakistanis must register their device’s IMEI number with PTA in their  DIRBS system. Visitors can avail this service at the airport by filling this form. This also applies to overseas Pakistanis; they must register their phones as well. Please follow the following step to ensure your device is safe to use. All newcomers have 30 days tail period before the device will be blocked. Always check first, if you need the registration. Steps to Check if Mobile Phone needs registration: Vist  https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk/ Dial *#06# on mobile phine dial pad to find mobile phone IMEI  15 digit code will appear Enter that 15 digita code on Dirbs.pta.gov.pk …

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Mobile Phone Prices Increased by Rupees 200 Regulatory Duty

A hike in mobile phone set prices is expected as government has imposed 200/- Rupees regulatory duty on every mobile phone set. It has been announced by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. This duty has been imposed in order to avoid under-invoicing. Under-invoicing is a term used to describe an action of mentioning lower price instead of original price so that lesser taxes can be paid by the seller. Is this decision fair? End user i.e. general public will have to pay extra 200 Rupees on purchase of every mobile set. Government rather than making a policy to control under-invoicing is happy to pick the pockets of the citizens. This has been a usual case in our country that rather finding …

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Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers for Sale

You are young and peppy but alone. Want to make sizzling and beautiful friends,then what are you waiting for …We are here to meet your desire.Numbers of school, college and university Girls are available  at very humble prize. Our contact number is……######! An ad in the C class evening newspaper (Shaam ka Akhbar) Cellular Phone is one of most used or abused bounty of modern science in Pakistan. Impetuous youth of  Pakistan are enjoying the dream time.Cheap mobile packages and inexpensive mobile phones. Parents have no objection, they want to remain in touch with their children due to unstable situation of the country any mishap can happen at any moment.So the question of  having a self phone in a unsuitable …

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Zong Offers Accidental Insurance via mobile phone in Pakistan

Zong offer Pakistan’s first Accidental Insurance via Mobile phone service. An unexpected misfortune may hit anyone at anytime, thus insurance is a necessity. you do not require any documentation or the need to visit an insurance company for an insurance policy; you can get insured via Zong against accidental death or disability caused due to accident or act of terror.A simple subscription process.There is no need to make any insurance deposits as the daily deduction will be automatically made from your mobile phone balance according to the Insurance plan. To Subscribe: SMS “SUB” to 5433 UnSubscribe:SMS”UNSUB”to 5433 Claim:SMS “CLAIM” to 5433

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