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Gulab Jaman, the National Sweet of Pakistan

It is difficult to think of an event formal or informal without having the desserts.  Although there are many desserts coming from all over the world, the traditional sweets of the South Asian region have no match. They are made both at home as well as on comments: the people of Pakistan and those visiting Pakistan fall in love with these mouth-watering sweets. The black Gulab jamans, the labyrinth-like jalebi, the milky barfi, the juicy ras Gulla all are a great treat for the sweet tooth people. These sweets are served almost everywhere. Considering the consumption of the sweets all over the country the government of Pakistan surveyed to find out which of these yummy delights should be declared as …

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QaumiBachat, NATIONAL SAVINGS BANK: Monthly Profit 2018-2019

The National Savings Bank is one of the best savings banks of Pakistan. It has some saving account options which can be chosen from. The savings can be selected to get the best profit rates. It has shown a positive increase in profit percentage over the years of 2017-2018. The profits have increased from First of February 2017 to 30 April 2018 by 3.95%, which continued to grow by an average of 1% per year and has now reached up to 7% in 2018. Furthermore, other promotions have shown a positive increase, Profit rates on Behbood savings certificate and pensioners benefit and Shudda family welfare accounts have increased from 0.96 per cent to 11.88 per cent. The rate of saving …

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Pakistan Election 2013 Detailed Results

Election 2013 Pakistan has been a mixed bag. Although turn out of youth was a massive one as country observed above 60% turn out first time in its history but the news of rigging has also been intense more than usual. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf for the first time emerged as a new popular political party. Muslim League (N) dominated Punjab and is favourites to make government in centre and in Punjab. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf will be making provincial government in the province of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. The ruling party Pakistan Peoples’ Party Parliamentarians are likely to make a government in Sindh while Balochistan is yet to be decided. This election shows the rise of a majority of new and young candidates as well …

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PTCL Broadband Mega National Package

Broadband again bring Offer ‘mega national package offers’ unlimited download till 31st December 2011.PTCL has introduced a new 256Kbps Broadband data rate in addition to its existing Broadband data rate packages. The New 256 Kbps data rate is offered to the customers at Rs. 299 / month.Existing customer can also avail this package but they have to pay one time charges of Rs.1500 as downgrade charges. Below are the total PTCL Broadband packages now available for customer; 256Kbps      @Rs 299

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PTCL Broadband (DSL) as low as Rs. 299 Monthly

PTCL has brought a new 256Kbps Broadband package National Package.This 256 Kbps data rate is offered to the all customers at Rs. 299 monthly with limt of 1Gb download. All PTCL Broadband packages * 256Kbps @Rs 299 * 1Mb @Rs 1199 * 2Mb @Rs 1499 * 4Mb @Rs 1999 * 6Mb @Rs 4999 * 8Mb @Rs 6999 * 10Mb @Rs 9999 Existing customer can also avail this package but they have to pay one time charges of Rs.1500 as downgrade charges will apply. Other Benefits for PTCL Users: Range of available from 256Kbps to 10Mbps. Increasing the horizon offered to broadband customers through providing broadband service to customers with low spending preferences Offering Wifi services over low priced affordable volume …

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