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Pakistani Boys Islamic Names with Meaning

A Aazad (free, independent – Persian word) Aban (abaan-more clear) Abbad (abbaad-great worshipper) Abbas (abbaas-name of the Prophet’s uncle) Adib (adeeb – cultured, civilised) Affan (affaan-name of Caliph Uthman’s father) Ajwad (better) Allam (very knowledgeagble) Almas (diamond) Amir (aamir-thriving, prosperous) Ammar (ammaar-great builder) Aniq (neat, elegant, smart) Antar (name of Arab hero of chivalry) Arwarh (more delicate, more gracious) Ashraf (more noble) Asif (aasif-describer) Asil (aseel-genuine, pure) Asir (captivating, fascinating) Askari (soldier) Awwab (awwaab-great repenter to God) Ayaz (ayaaz-slave [Persian]) Ayham (imaginary) Ayman (right-handed, lucky) Azhar (very or more evident – Arabic word)

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