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2200+ Indian Websites Including 7 Resellers Hosts Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

One of the major incidents that came into being on this Independence Day of Indo Pak is that the hackers of both sides tried to prove who is the real master in the field of technology. On the Independence Day of Pakistan, many websites were hacked by the Indian hackers. But the Pakistani hackers have not wasted the opportunity of hacking leading Indian websites including seven resellers’ hosts on their Independence Day too. It is an independent Pakistani hackers group named Team Pak Cyber Ghosts Mr.X3r0 who alone hacked over two thousands Indian websites including seven local resellers’ hosts of the country. The reaction from this hackers group came after the successful attempt of hacking of some Pakistani websites by …

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Pakistani and Indian Hackers Fight for Cyberspace Supremacy

Pakistani Hackers attacked and defaced more than 2000 Indian websites on the Republic Day of India. This Cyber-Attack was termed the 2nd biggest attack this year by Pakistani hackers over Indian Cyber space as just two weeks back 1400 Indian websites were hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hackers. The plan for this attack was quite different as this time different hackers united, planned and waged a very strong attack on Indian Cyber-Space and defaced about 2118 Indian websites. The operation was named “#OP26jan”. The main hackers were identified with handles such as “StrikerRude”, “KashmirCyberArmy”, “PakCyber Expert” and “HUnter Gujar”. The hacked websites included famous model-turned-actress Poonam Pandey’s website as well. Screenshots from a couple of defaced Indian websites are shared …

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Google Malaysia Google.com.my Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for the homepage of Malaysian version of Google (google.com.my and google.my) are hacked by Pakistani hackers group. MadLeets named hackers group has confirmed that they are responsible for this defacement activity. Confirmation was done through a message that was being shown on Google’s homepage for Malaysia. It seems that DNS of hackers successfully poisoned the Google domains and were able to redirect them to one of their own web server. Both domains remained defaced for quite a long time. Normally even after the DNS is updated, it takes around 24 hours of time before the defacement comes to an end. Original DNS needs to be propagated all across the web before the webpages can be …

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