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Govt to Launch Online Portal for Registration Tax Payment of Phones

A month ago, the government of Pakistan imposed a new law for international passengers that they will have to pay duty tax if they want to bring more than on the mobile phone with them. The procedure was to register the mobile at the airport or the customs office. Now the government has come up with a new plan for international passengers who want to bring more than one mobile with them. They don’t need to wait in the long queues to register their mobile phones. According to the Ministry of Information Technology, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the members of custom, the government is set to launch online Portal for registration and tax payment of phones without wasting time …

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Realme Launched in Pakistan with Realme C1, 2 Pro Phones

Realme is now offering their smartphones in Pakistan to extend their smartphone market all over. Their smartphones are best without any reason because of their amazing features. Right now, they are offering two smartphones Realme c1 and Realme 2 Pro. Realme C1: Real c1 is really a surprise by the company and is set to be the benchmark of the entry-level smartphone. This phone is known as an entry level king because it offers multiple features like a mega battery, mega display and it is a good overall package at a reasonable price. Specification Realme C1 has a mega display of 6.2 inches with notch and it has FULL HD 1080p. The smartphone is not only about the big display, …

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Next Level of Smart Phone 3D Phones

Yes you heard it right, soon you are going to experience 3D videos and images on your smart phone. This world has never seen so much technological changes in such a short time. Everyday we see new technology replacing the older one. Technology is changing so fast that one couldn’t imagine. Technology has really changed the face of earth and specially lots of things have changed in past two decades. Internet has revolutionized this world in to a global village.

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17,211 Pakistani Girls Flee Homes due to Mobile Phones & Cable TV

According to a Non Government Organization 17,211 Girls left their homes for their loved ones and astonishingly 4 thousand of these  Girls were married and above one thousand were students from schools,colleges and universities.  Out of 17,211 girls 15,125 girls were those who were in contact with their boyfriends or lovers via cell phones and its worth mentioning that most of them haven’t even seen or doesn’t properly know to whom they were talking and became victims of unknown gatecrashers. 90% of these are victims of fake promises and comfortable future dreams. As per the report of the N.G.O another cause of girls leaving their homes for sake of their love  is cable TV as the young girls and newly married …

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