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PTCL Smart TV Prices and Packages Explained

For the first time in Pakistan, PTCL has launched its Smart TV that can be term as the alternate of the traditional cable TV channels. Smart TV is getting a lot of appraisal across the country especially the areas where there is still no concept of cable TV. What is PTCL Smart TV? PTCL Smart TV is an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) that doesn’t require any cable system at all. In Smart TV transmission is delivered via the broadband internet rather than cable TV or satellite signals. The IPTV technology streams the data in small packets that lets it be played before it is fully transmitted. PTCL is the sole telecom provider in the country that is offering Smart TV …

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How to Fix PTCL Smart TV Errors?

PTCL Smart TV viewers have the option to get an opportunity of catching up with programs aired on the TV channels. PTCL Smart TV delivers TV programs to households via a broadband connection and requires a subscription and a set-top box. Here are solutions to some common issues of the PTCL Smart TV. Request Time Out: If you are getting request timeout message on your screen, then please follow the following steps: Verify DSL/ADSL light on the modem (should be stable). In the case of DSL/ADSL light blinking, then please follow the following steps. DSL Light Blinking/OFF: If  the DSL light on modem is blinking or off then please follow the following steps: Verify your splitter connection. Modem/phone should be …

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PTCL Lagataar Offer: An All-in-One Offer Packed with 4Mbps Internet, Smart T and Free Calls Minutes

Sometimes the services of PTCL remained down but still it is the only telecommunication service in Pakistan that delivers the best internet services in the country. The company offers various packages from time to time and sometimes merged the two or three services in a single package to give a new service to its customers for the same price. To entertain its customers with a fast speed internet, Smart TV, and free international and local calling minutes, PTCL has introduced Lagataar Offer where all these packages are merged. Here are the details of what you can get in PTCL Lagataar Offer Freedom Plus Package  Package charges: Rs. 999/- per month Unlimited On-Net Calls ( PTCL -PTCL ) Unlimited Calls PTCL …

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PTCL brings Smart TV for Evo Users on their Computer / Laptop

PTCL bring smart TV application for its EVO customers with this service you can watch live TV channels on your computer screen and you can record famous programs or a live cricket match, if you miss out the any program smart TV gives you a Re-run feature of 7-days through which you can watch any past program. As well as you can also record a live or past program in your laptop hard disk , the functionality is known as DVR- Digital video recording.

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