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Gulab Jaman, the National Sweet of Pakistan

It is difficult to think of an event formal or informal without having the desserts.  Although there are many desserts coming from all over the world, the traditional sweets of the South Asian region have no match. They are made both at home as well as on comments: the people of Pakistan and those visiting Pakistan fall in love with these mouth-watering sweets. The black Gulab jamans, the labyrinth-like jalebi, the milky barfi, the juicy ras Gulla all are a great treat for the sweet tooth people. These sweets are served almost everywhere. Considering the consumption of the sweets all over the country the government of Pakistan surveyed to find out which of these yummy delights should be declared as …

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Russian Salad in Recipe Urdu & English

You can find the numbers of recipes of different kinds of salads. They vary country to country according to their culture. All of the salads have their own benefits.  Russian Salad is basically traditional dish of the people of Russia. It is not only one of the famous dishes in Russia. But also now it became popular indifferent  countries  spicily  in  Asian and European countries.   Because of  its  high demand,  it  is  now included in menu. It is not costly dish you can even make it by your own at home easily.  Here is quite simple recipe of Russian salad you can put some variation if want so recipe is: Salad Recipe Ingredients: Potatoes = One quarter Onion in Small …

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