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Russia to Verify USA Moon Landings

Russian Space Chief has announced that they are going to send their team to the moon on a mission to verify that the moon landings by America in 1969 were real or fake. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, there was the race of technology between two superpowers, Yes you got it right between Russia and United States of America. Both the countries were trying to get the edge over each other in every field but especially in technology and if we come specifically to technology it was space technology. Both the countries were trying their level best to explore space outside earth and the ultimate target to reach the moon. Both the countries were trying their level best to …

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Pakistan military ranked as the 11th strongest military

Pakistan military has been ranked as the Eleventh strongest military world wide, as per a Credit Suisse report on globalization. Ranked 7 places after India’s military, the report shows Pakistan a final military strength score of 0.41. Even more, the report discloses that Pakistan’s active staff number stands at 710,000 and has it a lot weaponry than Australia,Germany, and Canada. Read More: Operation Zarb-e-Azb With The Helping Hand Of USA?

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Ban on Quranic Translation in Russia

Islam is fastest spreading religion in the world as it gives the most perfect way to live a life and to get successful hereinafter. Nowadays many steps are being taken by countries in west to suppress Islam or to stop its spreading. Lots of propaganda’s have been noticed that are being practiced to present Islam negatively. Muslims are being represented as terrorists well a bunch of Muslims can’t represent the whole Muslim Ummah. Islam is the religion of peace the world Islam itself means peace.

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