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PTCL DNS server IP address settings to Free fastest DNS

As we know that PTCL is known for its bad reputation about low quality dns servers. This causes slow speed in response time for surfing website and PTCL DNS server not responding Even the worst most of the time we can’t open a single website using ptcl dns server. This is when the frustration is on its peak. Most of the tech geeks advise their mates and company staff to use open dns or Google dns for web browsing and avoid using ptcl default DNS services. PTCL Broadband Primary and Secondary DNS. That’s why I would like to tell you how to change your default dns services this is very simple all you need to do is change your TCP …

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How to Change PTCL Modem & EVO WiFi Cloud Password Settings

Many of my friends have been asking about how to change your Wi-Fi password. And for the long time I have been personally going to visit them and then change theirs WIFI password from modem settings, even though this task is very easy in it basic nature. In my opinion any person with basic computer literacy can change their password easily using modem settings. First step: You need to open your default internet browser for example Google Chrome or Firefox. Second step: Type in your browser and login Browser will prompt for username and password. username is admin and password is also admin. PTCL EVO WiFi cloud default password is also same. Warning: in some cases PTCL modems have …

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PTCL DSL/Wireless Router Settings with IP – Username & Password

Lots of new user face problems and difficulty in configuring their modems sometimes even finding the panel for the login. Which is actually a very simple task in doing. You can open PTCL router from another PC using this same method as well. How to Open PTCL DSL/Wireless Router Settings: All you need to do is, Open your favorite browser Enter IP Address: in your browser (  if first doesn’t work) A prompt will come asking User name and password Username:admin Password:admin Note: In few cases its User & User for both. If none of above listed username of password work, please check at the back of your DSL Modem. Due to increased security Modern modems have random generated …

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