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Sham Idrees & Froggy Start a Journey of the lifetime

Those who enjoy spending the hours on YouTube care very well aware of the name Sham Idrees and Froggy. These two names appearing together in a number of YouTube performances together have now announced the wedlock. Those who were seen acting in the videos together and conveying the moral lessons will now be seen together for the rest of the life. The moment Sham Idrees announced his engaged a couple of months ago it came as a surprise to most of their fans. The news went viral and people started waiting for the final day. It was one of the most awaited moments of the year gone. Sham Idrees is now married to her dream girl Sehr who is popular …

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Ducky Bhai vs. Sham Idrees and Froggy : YouTube Scandal

YouTube is a thing for a real so is the YouTubers, although the concept wasn’t that live in Pakistan years back, but at the moment there are some lads, who are actually giving the proficient YouTubers run for their money. Not only this, they are also vowing to expose the falseness and flaws in the videos of prominent You Tube stars. In the latest turn of events, a relatively lesser known YouTuber, Saad ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai voiced against the famous Pakistani-Canadian YouTube sensation, Sham Idrees and his partner Froggy. It should be noted here that it isn’t the first time Ducky Bhai took a dig at the YouTuber who holds massive followers, to be very exact 1.1 million …

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