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Faiza Beauty Cream is Banned due to Side Effects

Beauty products are getting popular day by day, but a few people are aware of the fact that these beauty products can be harmful to your skin. The chemicals used in the products can damage the skin while the excessive quantity of cream can also be harmful. A similar case has happened in Pakistan where Faiza Beauty Cream has been banned by the authorities. Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Association (PQSCA) has banned Faiza Beauty Cream from being sold in the market as it was revealed that it contains high mercury level. The limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 1 mg/kg for skin products containing mercury. However, the level of mercury in Faiza Beauty Cream was found …

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Unnoticed Side Effects of Rise of Chars and Charsi Culture in Pakistan

Charas, also known as hashish in English, is a form of cannabis that is handmade in Asian countries. It is composed of a resin of cannabis plants. The plant of Charas grows throughout Asian countries particularly along the stretch of Himalayas. Even in some parts of Pakistan, it is an important cash crop for the local people as well. Many people think of Charas and Hashish stands for the same things, but the main difference between these two is that Charas is made from a live one and hashish are made from dead cannabis. High-Quality Charas in Pakistan comes from cannabis grown in the mountains. The rise of Charas and Charsi culture is gradually increasing in Pakistan. Even students are …

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Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream Side Effects with Ingredients

Formula Creams or five mix creams for whiting skin as well Scope of whiting cream in Pakistan increasing day by day. There are many companies making whiting creams also known as night creams, now companies started to make their cleansing milk and face wash as well. Famous creams of Pakistan are Fair & Lovely, Stillmen,s cream, Dove Beauty Cream, L’Oreal, Garnier Light Night Fairness Cream, Olay, Ponds, Royal Cream, Sandal Cream, Golden Pearl, Face fresh & Faiza Beauty cream.

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