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Faiza Beauty Cream is Banned due to Side Effects

Beauty products are getting popular day by day, but a few people are aware of the fact that these beauty products can be harmful to your skin. The chemicals used in the products can damage the skin while the excessive quantity of cream can also be harmful. A similar case has happened in Pakistan where Faiza Beauty Cream has been banned by the authorities. Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Association (PQSCA) has banned Faiza Beauty Cream from being sold in the market as it was revealed that it contains high mercury level. The limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 1 mg/kg for skin products containing mercury. However, the level of mercury in Faiza Beauty Cream was found …

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Major Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is a very useful fruit. Its birthplace is described to be South Asia. Due to its efficacy, lemon has spread all across the world today. Lemon water helps in metabolism that helps in better digestion of food benefiting your body. Some other important benefits of lemon are as follows. Cleansing of the Liver According to recent research published in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Psychology; lemon contains a chemical named Naringin that is very helpful in cleansing of liver. Source of Potassium Acquisition Lemons are rich source of Potassium. Presence of Potassium in human body helps prevent various heart and mental disorders while at the same time enhance nervous system of human body. Mucus Removal Lemon has this astonishing …

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How to Make Your Skin Clean & Beautiful

A skin that looks clean, smooth and shiny without any skin disorder is considered a normal skin. A good looking and beauty skin is obtained by taking regular care of skin. Now adapts there are so many facial creams and masks available that people apply at their skin to get the skin beautiful. Homemade remedies are very good for skin. one of them is given below take two table spoons of sandalwood in a glass jar then add two spoons of glycerin in it then add fresh younger so same quantity then add one spoon of dried orange peel powder the add one spoon of lemon juice in it and then add a very little pinch of turmeric powder in …

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Skin Care in Pakistani Summer Season

Summer is making everyone pant these days. Most of the people cannot go with it at all; they try their best to get rid of scotching heat; for instance some people head towards cooler places while others buy anti-summer things to avoid cruel summer rays infect them, especially their skins. During sunny days, there are certain things that could help to keep away your skin from any damage and dullness. These are easy tips and tricks. They only need little care and attention by your side. Therefore, to fight with the brutal attacks of sun follow the plan below: 1.Water If you actually need your skin to glow and shine even in summers please do not forget the significance of …

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