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Tourism in Pakistan: 21 Architectural Masterpieces to See in Pakistan

There are many places in Pakistan that are worth to see. Either it is natural sceneries or architectural places; the country holds many marvelous things that you must see before die. Among a lot of man made products by the human being, buildings and likewise many other places are the most impressive art works that we have and we can proud of. Each county spend a lot amount of money on the construction of new places. Now there is tradition of making the buildings and places beautiful despite the fact it is a normal department rather than any national monument. Pakistan is blessed with a marvelous architectural history. There are many architectural places since Mughal Empire and then came the …

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Tourism in Pakistan: 30 Amazing Stargazing Sites in Pakistan

The enormity of the universe is lovely and lowering—the stars indications of billions of lives spent, in astronomer Carl Sagan’s words, “on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.” In any case, as our populace develops, so too lights contamination, obfuscating the air and everyone of that lies past it. Today, as few as 500 stars are apparent from numerous urban ranges. In any case, joyfully that is simply not the situation for these dozen regions; where upwards of 15,000 individual pinpricks of light can be seen with the stripped eye.  They’re not precisely advantageous—but rather that is somewhat the point. Whenever stargazing, bring water, covers, seats, and an equitable on the off chance that spotlight, yet don’t drag a …

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Tourism in Pakistan: 15 Most Charming Villages in Pakistan

It is human nature that a man loves to see villages as these are long on charm, personality and offers beautiful sceneries for photo shots. With the aim of fulfilling the same level of passion of our readers, we have combed the Pakistan to find the best villages. It is an ultimate fact that the villages that stepped in the old world are still charming and have inspired the habitats of twenty-first century as well. Now in the world of technology where everyone has a smartphone and a starter photographer it is impossible for these places in Pakistan to remain hidden for a long. What makes Pakistani villages different from other is proper desi culture & tradition, have a scenic …

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Tourism in Pakistan: 16 National Monuments of Pakistan

In 1997, there were nine National Monuments in Pakistan according to Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA). As of 2016, there are eleven National Monuments of Pakistan. Almost four hundred places by provincial governments and three hundred places by the federal government have been declared by as protected and national monuments areas. However, officially there are eleven monuments while there are many other places as well that are also treated as national monuments. In Pakistan government is striving to furtherance the system of protected areas for the protection of monuments, archaeological sites, buildings, endangered species, habitats, and ecosystems. Protected areas in Pakistan can be broadly categorized into two sections; they are ecosystems and archaeological & cultural sites. In Pakistan, there already …

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Tourism in Pakistan: 27 National Parks in Pakistan You Must Visit Once

Pakistan is listed among those few countries that hosts a wide range of habitat types and ecosystem. The country that is known for its unique geographical and climatic conditions also hosts almost twenty six national parks. At one side, the Greenland hosts permanent snowfields, snow covered peaks and lush green and on other side it is a place of forests, barren mountains, riverine tracts, irrigated plains, coastal areas and deserts. In a nutshell, each corner of this country is worth to see and explore. National parks is considered to be one of the most important activities in modern day government system. For the conservation of precious natural places in the country, Pakistan government declares some specific areas as the protected …

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25 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Pakistan

Among a lot of stunning creations of nature, the waterfall is regarded as one of the most spectacular creations. When emerging from mountains or dropping down from a mountainous river it seems like a pendant on the face of the earth. These will make you fall in love with them and with nature within no time. Nature has blessed Pakistan with both hands when it comes to beauty and natural resources. Most of the Pakistan people are unaware of the fact, Pakistan is blessed with a number of waterfalls that are in the areas of Azad Kashmir, Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh. The best about Pakistani waterfalls is that just like other international waterfalls, these are also surrounded …

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