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Traditional Mehndi songs for girls and boys side, list with Lyrics

Marriage is not only the agreement ceremony of two person, but also a cooperation and association between two respective families. In Pakistan culture, Marriage ceremony is a long process function and great feast fun. The members of two families join this ceremony and celebrate with great favor. Men and Women wear Pakistani Clothing of various styles and fashions. In consist of many enjoyable days including many interesting traditions and customs. They celebrate function with the several following pre-wedding customs and rituals like Mangni, Mayun, Uptan, Dolki, Rasm E Mehndi, Baraat, Nikah, Mooh Dikhai, Chauthi, Walima. Among all marriage functions, Mehndi is the most enjoyable function. Usually it is considered female function. It is usually takes place one or two days prior …

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Traditional Mehndi & Dholki Songs List With Lyrics

Pakistani wedding is incomplete without different traditions like Mehndi, Dholki, Mayon, Jaga. These traditions have made wedding entertaining. Girls perform main part in these events. In Mehndi, Maya on & Dholki Traditional songs sung by girls and women in wedding. These Traditional songs are in different languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Saraski & Pashtu depend on the culture of that place. Here is a collection of wedding song lyrics that are into Urdu/Hindi/Panjabi. Also Check: Mehndi and Dholaki Songs collection with Lyrics 100+ Pakistani Traditional Mehndi Designs for all Events 70+ Traditional Mehndi Designs for Hands – Simple & Easy Henna Traditional Mehndi songs list with Lyrics: Ballay Ballay Ballay ballay Ballay ballay bai torr punjaaban di(2) Juttii khall di marorrha nahion chal …

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