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PTCL EVO 3G Wingle Signal Strength & Speed Boosting

PTCL EVO or PTCL EVDO service is provided by PTCL in Pakistan but the customer experience is not satisfactory at all. Major reason of dissatisfaction is weak coverage and bad signals. Most of the customers reportedly end up returning the USB devices within three day time. PTCL has the policy of allowing the return of EVO device within three day time if the signals are weak or non-existent at your workplace or home OR if you are not satisfied with the service. The cash is not returned instantly and you will have to wait for one month before you get back the amount in form of a cheque. So if you are one of those who need wireless internet to …

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PTCL EVO Wingle Review

PTCL introduced another gadget for its user as PTCL EVO Wingle is the first ever Wi-Fi enabled USB Dongle, which is a perfect work and travel companion providing a powerful Wi-Fi experience even on the go at hyper speeds of up to 9.3 Mbps and support both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, connecting 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. Wi-Fi range is also outstanding which gives connectivity to 5 users over a distance of 15 to 20 meters range and extend to beyond 80 meters when plugged into AC power. When inserted in a computer, it allows 5+1 users to connect, one user via USB connection and 4 users by Wi-Fi. It can easily be connected to any external USB power adapter or …

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New Year Offer: Get PTCL Evo for Rs. 500 Per Month

PTCL has launched EVO 3G 3.1Mbps new year offer in which you can purchase the device and enjoy 3.1Mbps for just Rs.500/month. PTCL EVO 3G New Year Offer 500 per month looking good but to attract its potential customers PTCL is offering you to buy the device now and enjoy paying 500/month for the next year till December 2014, after which you have to pay the normal 1200/month or which offer is applicable at that moment or u want for yourself. This offer can be availed by purchasing EVO device between 24th Dec, 2013 to 3rd Jan, 2014 & enjoy 58% discounts on monthly charges for the next whole year. Regular charges (without discount) for this package are Rs. 1,200 per month, and with 58% …

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PTCL DSL/Wireless Router Settings with IP – Username & Password

Lots of new user face problems and difficulty in configuring their modems sometimes even finding the panel for the login. Which is actually a very simple task in doing. You can open PTCL router from another PC using this same method as well. How to Open PTCL DSL/Wireless Router Settings: All you need to do is, Open your favorite browser Enter IP Address: in your browser (  if first doesn’t work) A prompt will come asking User name and password Username:admin Password:admin Note: In few cases its User & User for both. If none of above listed username of password work, please check at the back of your DSL Modem. Due to increased security Modern modems have random generated …

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3G Nitro Wi-Fi Cloud 9.3Mbps Wireless Broadband Internet

PTCL brings 3G Rev B Mobile hotspot. 3G Nitro Wi-Fi Cloud offering EV-DO speeds of up to 9.3Mbps. Its small device is portable battery powered 3G router designed for mobility that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere. With Nitro Cloud share speeds of up to 9.3Mbps wireless broadband internet with multiple Wi-Fi gadgets like iPad, net books & smart phones. You can get free 3G Nitro Wi-Fi Cloud by paying 4 months advance line rent.

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Wateen is Again Introducing Wireless Broadband

Wateen telecom is Wireless broadband internet service provider is going to relaunch it’s wimax service soon in this month. End of this month wateen is going to launch its wireless internet in new way. The main competitor for wateen wireless will Ptcl Evo,Witribe and Qubee which are using by millions of Pakistani’s due to their best package and reliable broadband. To compete Wateen will offer same and more user friendly packages to attract and capture the market. New products, network expansion and new logo will be unveiled to the press and select bloggers. Wateen is availing it’s second chance of getting deeper into Pakistani WiMAX market with plenty of new offerings that include a 2 MB package and further decrease …

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