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Humza Shahzad World’s Youngest MS PowerPoint Specialist

Six-year-old British Pakistani Humza Shahzad previously became youngest MS Office professional when he passed Microsoft certification in MS Office 2013. He has now become world’s youngest MS PowerPoint Specialist. He is from London’s East Croydon and scored 850 points out of 1000 and it is mandatory to mention that passing score for Microsoft PowerPoint is only 700. The examination took place at Microsoft Institute in London. The report card shows that this little guy managed to score 90% in creating and managing presentations; 50% in inserting and formatting shapes and slides while 67% was achieved in creating slide content. Humza Shahzad achieved an astonishing 100% score in managing multiple presentations. Humza Shahzad said that MS PowerPoint is a complete presentation …

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9-Years Old Hasham Khan Creates World Record for Pakistan

He is only 9-years old and holds a world record for Pakistan. His parents will be so proud of him so as the nation. Hasham Hadi Khan is a young member of Pakistan team that is participating in 6th International Scrabble Championship and he created a world record and beaten Sri Lanka’s Matheesha De Silva at the same time. 80 of the world’s best Scrabble players were present in the arena when they observed this spectacular show of vocabulary and tactical skills where 9-years old Hasham Hadi Khan emerged as next big thing in the circles of world Scrabble. Guinness Book of World Records show that the highest ever score recorded in scrabble match was 850. This score was recorded …

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Pakistan Will Break World Record of Largest Human National Flag

Pakistan Youth are in mood to break records this year. It is just the start of the New Year and already Pakistani Youth are ready to break some records. All preparations are complete to make a new world record in Punjab Youth Festival. Bangladesh earlier on 16th of December 2013 broke the world record of 24,200 people making largest human national flag by gathering 27,117 volunteers. Pakistan made this record in National Hockey Stadium in Lahore in October 2012. This time 29,000 Pakistani Youth are likely to break Bangladeshi record today in the National Hockey Stadium Lahore. Another record that is likely to be broken is gathering of 1.5 Lac Pakistani youngsters gathering at University of Punjab New Campus on …

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1.5 Lac Pakistani Youth to Break Indian Record At Punjab University

Punjab youth Festival will achieve another level by breaking world records. What record is waiting to be broken? Yes, it is an Indian record that is going to be broken this time. The Youth of Punjab will gather and break the Indian record by singing the National Anthem of Pakistan all at one place, at the same time. Sources claim that 1.5 Lac Young Pakistani People will gather at University of Punjab, New Campus. 19th of February will be the date when the Indian record will be shattered by Pakistani Youth. India was able to get this record on 6th of May 2013 when 121,653 people gathered in Lucknow and sung the Indian National Anthem simultaneously. Before that, the record …

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World’s First Veiled Lady Pilot From Pakistan

Yes! You read it correctly. Captain Pilot Shahnaz Laghari is the World’s first baparda pilot. She can fly an aeroplane all by herself. Not only has this but she do it while fully covered in veil. She is the only one in the World hailing from Pakistan and has her name in the Guinness Book of World Record. This shows that if one is determined, anything can be achieved and that also by staying within the boundaries of the religion. This is not all but she is striving for the rights of women in Pakistan. She is serving the women of Pakistan by opening free education centers and sewing centers for poor women in Pakistan. According to her Facebook page, …

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47 A’s In O & A Level World Record by Pakistani Student

Pakistan, Some calls it most dangerous nation of the world and some calls it a failed state but we always come with a strong answer not by words but by actions as actions speak louder than words. Pakistan’s Haroon Tariq has broke the world record by getting highest number of  A’s in O and A levels as he got  total 47 A’s in 3 years in exams from the University of Cambridge International Examinations.

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Veena Malik 10 Dress Change Stunt Before Camera

Does Veena Malik stop making controversies? The answer clearly is NO. The Lollywood actress that went to Bollywood and is rightly known as Drama Queen is making it to news once again. Veena Malik this time will be changing her dress 10 times right in front of the camera. The purpose of all this drama is to promote her upcoming Bollywood film. According to Bharti TV, the purpose of the stunt is not only to promote the film “the city that never sleeps” but in addition she is doing this to record her name once again in the world records. The time span will be just 1 minute and she has to change her dress 10 times right in front …

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