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Javed Hashmi Leaves PMLN & Joins PTI

Javed Hashmi of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), announced joining the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf at a joint news conference held at the residence of PTI General Secretary Dr Arif Alvi here on Saturday.
The PTI chairman Imran Khan, Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Jehangir Tareen and local leaders of the PTI attended. Addressing on the occasion, Hashmi said the policies of Imran Khan motivated him to join his party and save Pakistan from turbulence.
“Today the common man feels insecure and economic situation of the country is worse. Together we would wipe out all corrupt policies of the present rulers,” he said. He declared Imran Khan as the champion of politics.

Makhdoom Javed Hashmi denied any pressure from any quarter on him to join the PTI adding it was his sole decision and he did not enter into any deal in this regard. Hashmi said people wanted peace and justice and they are fed up with status quo.
He disclosed that Imran Khan came to him and appealed to support his party for the sake of Pakistan adding no backdoor discussions were held. It was purely for Pakistan and I have always struggle for politics of principles, he said.
He however said that he was a little bit sad for leaving a party with which he remained associated for about 33 years. In reply to a question, Hashmi said he was tired as he did not sleep for two whole nights as his former colleagues tried to persuade him not to leave the PML-N.
He disclosed that very soon his daughter Maimoona Hashmi will resign from her assembly seat and join the PTI. Imran Khan while welcoming Hashmi said, “We want a new Pakistan. We want new people in our party from whom we will take guidance. Hashmi is the right person who will help us in bringing a positive change in the country”.
The PTI chief said Hashmi was with him in the opposition against the dictator and expressed the hope that his joining will augur well for the PTI. He said an ideological warfare has started in the country that would culminate in bringing a revolution for a positive change.
When asked that it has been the tradition that after every two years a popular government faces ouster, Imran Khan said if his party did not perform well he would himself resign and all conspiracies would itself die down.
He said if elections were held on old electoral lists it would be a mere farce and fraud. PTI would take to the street and would not let elections held on old electoral lists. He also categorically stated that he is not a candidate for prime minister adding it all depended on the party decision. People, he said, are disappointed with the present rulers and wanted a change through constitutional means. He strongly refuted that establishment was helping the PTI to become a national party. Everyone, he said, joined his party for his own reasons adding many who were in the power corridors joined a party that does not have a single seat in the Parliament.
Speaking on the occasion, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said everyone is joining the PTI for a stable and viable Pakistan. “We are not conspiring to derail the democratic process in the country but conveying a message of positive politics,” he said.
Earlier on arrival at Karachi airport, Javed Hashmi was received by Chairman PTI Imran Khan and hundreds of party activists carrying party flags. He was warmly received and garlanded on the occasion. Agencies add: Celebrations and protests marked Makhdoom Javed Hashmi’s joining of the PTI.
Moving scenes were witnessed at the residence of Javed Hashmi in Multan when he left for Karachi as PML-N workers begged him not to stab Nawaz Sharif in the back. Several PML-N workers even threw themselves before the vehicle of Hashmi and others wept. Workers pleaded for almost four days with Hashmi to revoke his decision of quitting the PML-N. Several PML-N leaders said they did not believe Hashmi would desert the PML-N.
However, supporters of Hashmi celebrated the decision. They distributed sweets and resorted to firing into the air. PML-N workers in Multan held a protest at Hussain Agahi Chowk against Hashmi’s decision and expressed strong resentment.
Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah blamed the establishment for Hashm’s resignation from the PML-N. He said former Senator Tariq Chaudhry was acting on behalf of the establishment who had been staying at Hashmi’s residence in Multan for last several days and convinced him to quit the PML-N.
“Hashmi was unhappy when the party leadership did not make him parliamentary leader in the National Assembly. He will not be able to garner affection in the PTI like that he found in the PML-N,” he added. The Punjab law minister said Hashmi left the PML-N due to personal differences.
MNA Hamza Shahbaz Sharif said it was Hashmi’s personal decision. “The PML-N is a popular party and it does not matter if some one joins or leaves it. We have a relationship of love with Hashmi which would last,” he added.
Senator Pervez Rashid said he was saddened over Hashmi’s decision. “Javed Hashmi is a great leader, but he is a bit emotional,” he added. He said difference always existed in big political parties, but it did not mean that one left the party.


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