Wateen is Again Introducing Wireless Broadband

Wateen telecom is Wireless broadband internet service provider is going to relaunch it’s wimax service soon in this month.
End of this month wateen is going to launch its wireless internet in new way.
The main competitor for wateen wireless will Ptcl Evo,Witribe and Qubee which are using by millions of Pakistani’s due to their best package and reliable broadband.
To compete Wateen will offer same and more user friendly packages to attract and capture the market.
New products, network expansion and new logo will be unveiled to the press and select bloggers.
Wateen is availing it’s second chance of getting deeper into Pakistani WiMAX market with plenty of new offerings that include a 2 MB package and further decrease in price for it’s flagship 1 MB package.
Main highlights would be Change in management, Change of Logo ,Network optimization & up time Price cut for 1 MB Package and New Device.

We know that Wateen customers were not comfortable with the internet down time on Wateen, and this is where the company has worked in past few months. According to this source in company .Wateen has deployed 240 new sites plus optimized another 100 to make sure that there’s blanket coverage with minimum down time.


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