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Yasir and Jawad new band

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 26/06/2012)

Yasir and Jawad started their band experimenting the blend of folk and pop in 2008,they found very good results.People really were into their music. Wali Aurakzai joined Yasir and Jawad in 2010 as a leading  vocalist and together they gave a modern touch to 3 Pashto folk songs. Their aim is to put a modern feel in to the great Pashto songs which people have almost forgotten, and put Pashto music back on track. Jawad is influenced by western style of rhythm guitar playing and tries to play unique things in the song. Yasir plays rabab which is the most important and symbolic part of Pashto music but he plays it in his own unique style.


The band block buster so far is “redi gul” which really has taken the attention of many people of music industry and its really making a great impact on people.
It really is an awesome track.
The band is looking forward to play quality music like “redi gul”.
The band is full of passion and talent we hope to get  some great music from them soon.


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