12-Years old Pakistani Girl for Sale in Pakistan – Price Just PKR 550,000

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 30/06/2013)

Our Society’s Dark Sides Revealing Report
The painful but true story starts

12 years old girl for sale in only 5 lac and 50 thousand Pakistan Rupees as revealed by Sar-e-Aam program of ARY. Yes you read it correct as it is a fact. Now in our country girls are sold like cows and goats or any other commodity in the market.

Information to Sar-e-Aam team reached

Informer informed the team of Sar-e-Aam that in Korangi Karachi, there are some people who sell women and they have a 12 years old girl who is for sale in just PKR 550,000. Sar-e-Aam team started to work immediately on this issue as they did not want anyone else to buy this girl as in that case it would become impossible for anyone to find that girl. If the girl was not to be found, she would have been fallen a prey to prostitution or other such activities.

Sar-e-Aam team informer went to finalise the deal

Sar-e-Aam team convinced their informer to contact those people who were selling the girl as a person interested in purchasing the girl. She was presented to him as she brought him the tea. She seemed to have no knowledge about what was going on. The seller asked for PKR 550,000 as the price and assured that she was 13 years old. The seller further said that after the deal has been finalised, whatever the purchaser does to the girl, nobody will ask and the purchaser will have full authority over the girl whether to burn, kill or do anything to the poor girl. Furthermore there were few things that the seller discussed and Sar-e-Aam team did not feel it appropriate to talk about those things considering their audience. These things are suspected to be about the girl’s virginity which really is hard to talk about in front of Pakistani audience.

Deal of the 12-Years old girl being made

The Sar-e-Aam team’s informer who was acting as the purchaser told the seller that he is buying this girl for a rich and salacious doctor and he will bring the doctor along with money tomorrow. The seller told the purchaser that this girl is the property of another person who actually is selling her and he will take away the girl now but tomorrow at 4 PM the girl will be brought back here to finalise the deal.

Next day was quite important as the team of Sar-e-Aam planned to ask for help of Police once the girl was brought back in front of the fake doctor who was pretending to be the buyer of the girl. In this regard Zaman Town Korangi Karachi Police Station was approached by Sar-e-Aam team. They were asked to put two Policemen in casual dress to accompany the team while the deal was being finalised.

The informer called the seller and asked him whether to come or not? He was told to come to finalise the deal. The producer of the program Sar-e-Aam disguised as the salacious doctor and original purchasing party went inside with the informer to finalise the deal. Rest of the team waited outside so that they can get the signal from the producer and informer when the girl is being brought and capture them on the spot.

The 12-Years old girl lost

The situation inside wasn’t very helpful as the producer disguising as doctor and the informer were told that the girl will most probably arrive till the evening. There were suspicions among Sar-e-Aam team that it might be possible that the seller has some doubts regarding the purchasers and might not bring the girl here and disappear himself and it would not be possible to get a hold of him again.

The team told the people inside that they are going to take action right now, but it was a little late as the producer and informer came out already. The person who came out with them to see them off was captured and 2-3 members of the team ran to check the girl inside that place. They found some women there who were probably dragged into prostitution but the 12 years old girl wasn’t present there.

The house was searched thoroughly and alcohol and many other prohibited things were also discovered during the process. The team was told that the girl was supposed to arrive at 6 PM and that the seller was Uncle of the girl. All the people present were decided to be taken to the Police Station. There at first they were saying that they have no 12 years old girl but when they were shown the recordings, they accepted but the seller said that the girl’s possession was with someone else and now he is saying that he has another woman to sell and not the girl. Sar-e-Aam team’s preference was to save the girl.

New character arrived on the scene

At last the call was being made to that person Habib and without letting him fall in doubt a meeting was arranged. The informer sat with Habib in a nearby hotel to have discussion and the tea. Sar-e-Aam team and Police were surrounding the whole area secretly. Habib was arrested and brought to the Police Station in order to investigate him about the 12 years old girl.

Habib proved to be a tough cookie and he refrained from accepting that he knew about any 12 years old girl and that he brought any 12 years old girl yesterday to sell. Due to the presence of media and cameras, police did not use their own invented methods to discover the truth. Finally the things got to that extent when the Sar-e-Aam team was forced to shut down the cameras and let Police do their job. Finally the Police succeeded in finding out the girl and the girl finally arrived to Police Station.

Shocking Facts Revealed

The old guy who finalised the deal at first with Sar-e-Aam team’s informer and the doctor turned out to be the father of the little girl and the reasons he gave to the team were that he was thinking that he will sell the girl and purchase a house for himself and the life of the girl will become better if sold to the doctor. Iqrar who is the Sar-e-Aam team anchor asked him that whoever purchases the girl, will behave like it is some commodity in the market and has paid for it and as nobody is going to ask him anything about his property, he will not consider her a human being.

It was then discovered that the father actually wanted to make a fool of the purchaser and take the money from him and do not give him the girl before disappearing. She was studying in 4th class and was quite wise. She said she cannot think her father was really going to sell her. The father further said that they are very poor and cannot afford to live in rented house anymore that is why he made this plan. The father sworn on her daughter’s head that he is not going to sell the girl.

Sar-e-Aam team let go of the father and daughter because they believed that her father was not going to sell the girl and now he will abstain from any such activity. They decided that the program will not be broadcasted on air, but after around 2-3 months informer once again informed that the 12 years old girl’s father did not learnt his lesson and was once again trying to sell his daughter.

The father was arrested and the 12 years old girl was sent to Dar-ul-Aman. But when the girl is not safe in her father’s house, will she be safe in Dar-ul-Aman? This is the question haunting the Sar-e-Aam team and presents a huge question mark to our society as Muslims.

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  • Good! If daughters keep being born than this is what is going to happen. If the father had a son instead of a daughter the son could have helped the father to earn, but the daughter was useless to the father.

    • Daughter's bring wealth to family not sons,And it was not daughter that was useless but the father himself that he cannot earn ,

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