316 Billion SMS Sent By Pakistani Mobile Users During 2012-2013

315.7 Billion short text messages popularly known as SMS have been exchanged between Pakistani mobile users during a time span ranging from July 2012 to June 2013. This concludes that 865 Million SMS have been sent in a single day. These statistics are revealed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

SMS prices in Pakistan have dropped by almost 50% during the last five years owing to the fierce competition between Telecom companies operating in Pakistan. This has been the dominating factor that has caused people to send more and more SMS.

According to PTA SMS is the most popular medium of communication in Pakistan. This is the area where 13.68% growth has been observed in 2012-2013. Reminding you the fact that SMS traffic was boosted up to 1 Billion daily during Election 2013 in Pakistan.

SMS Stats Pakistan 2012-2013
2007 to 2013

It has been recorded that the number of SMS that a mobile phone user send in a month on the average has grown from 131 SMS (2009-2010) per user to 214 SMS per user per month (2012-2013). As a matter of fact this trend is going to continue to grow for about 1-2 years when it is highly anticipated that 3G technology will take over Pakistan in 2014 and WhatsApp, Skype and Viber will have major portion in the market covered under their hood.


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