Android vs. iOS (iPhone)

(Last Updated On: 24/06/2013)

Having thousands of phones in front of you is both good and bad. Good in a sense that it is actually the triumph of technology and modernity; while bad in sense that it is mind boggling to choose the best option from them for you according to my perception.
And choice becomes more difficult when there is a whole universe of phones, if one is a “topper”, the other is the “best”. Yes, this time I am indicating about the two most brilliant technology miracles: “Android and iPhone”.
Both are strong competitors and both are amazing in specifications yet there are some differences between them which would help the choosers to select a better one:-


It is impressive to notice that Android phones have a bigger market than iPhones.
Android is being manufactured by many companies such as Samsung, Motorola, LG and many more. It means Android has more chances to get upgraded in software or hardware than iPhone. And thus Apple has a small arena to explore than Android.
iPhone has a 4 inches screen while Android does not have a limit for screen. Applications like GPS and Google Maps works well in Android. It even has a stronger battery than iPhones, that needs extensive care and saving.

iOS (iPhone)

Coming to iPhone now, the very first attraction in iPhone is that it has millions of applications than Android which only carries about 800 thousand Apps.
iOS Applications have a higher standard than Android since iPhone is strict in this case.
Although iPhone has a limited realm, yet its applications are upgradable and one can upgrade them as much as they want to.
Android developers have a compulsion to stay synchronized with Google‘s latest OS version. An iPhone has the title of “The Ultimate Gaming Device” and Android can never snatch it in any case.
So joining all these facts together and rephrasing them in one line,
We would say that choosing from iPhone and android is just a matter of personality in fact.
So, if you are a gaming freak, go for the latest iPhone and if you are a software and productivity sort of soul, grab Android.

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