Celebrations of Christmas throughout Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 25/12/2013)

The Christian communities around the globe are celebrating Christmas with zeal and joy. The Christmas is annual commemoration of the birth of Holy Jesus Christ. The 25 December is celebrated both as cultural and religious holiday by billions of souls worldwide. Interestingly, Christmas is becoming a civil holidays and is also celebrated by non Christians who join their Christian brothers in the moment of happiness.

In Pakistan, the Muslim communities also express solidarity with their Christian brothers on the integral part of every year. According to the main ritual, the celebration of Christmas is decorating lights and Christmas trees at homes and visit churches in order to welcome the Arrival of Santa Claus who is better known as Father of Christmas.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Respected Mr. Nawaz Shareef greeted not only the Christian community but the whole country on this auspicious occasion. In his address to the nation, he said that all Pakistanis should live in Peace and Harmony as Holy Jesus was sent as a symbol of Peace. He further added that Jesus Christ not only healed the once torn humanity but also preached the whole world of its delightful values. Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef finished the address with saying that Holy Christ`s descent to the world is a source of peace for all masses.

The PM clearly stated the minorities in Pakistan have all rights to celebrate under citizenship of this Islamic Republic as Muslims strongly believe in Brotherhood.  The constitution of Pakistan is responsible for safety of life, property assets and dignity of every citizen because this is the fundamental responsibility of the state irrespective of caste, religious beliefs and communities. As Muhammad Ali Jinnah assured the equal rights to every citizen of this Republic (whether Muslim or Non Muslim) therefore it is also the responsibility of every citizen to uphold the rights of his fellow countrymen.

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