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Dastaan is an award-winning tragic series of Hum TV. Unlike other subjects, its subject is based on the life of ‘Bano’ during and after the foundation of Pakistan. Thus the settings takes place between 1940s-50s.Dastaan is based on Razia Butt’s novel called “Bano”. Bano is the protagonist of this series, living in Ludhiana, India. What effect partition causes on the life of Bano and her fiance,’’Hassan”; how their simple love-ode is shred into pieces by saga of blood-streams, chaos and tumult.

Suraiya and Saleem is a newly wedded couple, while Hassan and Bano are committed to each other, they are close relatives. Saleem being an active supporter of National Congress whereas, Hassan, passionate devotee of Muslim League’s. Drama depicts how their kinship enters into bitter relation due to the political instability of the country. Saleem forbade his wife and family from meeting with Hassan, but Hassan is unshaken as he stricken to his campaign.

Soon after getting a job at Rawalpindi, Hassan has to leave Ludhiana with his mother, they do so by promising Bano’s family to come back soon for the wedding. It was the time when partition is near, so the country’s situation worsens and Hindu-Muslims riots began; destroying all the Muslim families; Bano’s family also suffers.

Saleem and Bano’s brother ‘is killed with all the Muslim men. Suriaya, who was pregnant, commits suicide along with many Muslim women. Bano is saved from being murdered or choked but life becomes a hell for her as she is raped by Sikhs and while trying to escape to Pakistan she is kidnapped by Basant Singh. At first Basant treats her nicely and keeps her at his home, but as the time passes he becomes rude and rowdy. He lies to her that he will one day take back but his promises are never fulfilled, rather he along with his mother tortures her to convert her religion. Her attempts to elope from their home but in vain, she is raped, tortured and beaten and forced to become Sikhni but of no avail. She gives birth to Basant Singh’s son in the end, and after some time manages to flee to Pakistan.

But she loses her balance here as things are radically very different from her “dream Pakistan”. She is admitted to asylum now, while Hassan ties the knot with Rabia, who is an adult now, who are her only guardians in the mental hospital.

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