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VC Punjab University Mujahid Kamran investigated by FIA

Vice Chancellor of Pakistan’s largest educational institute Mujahid Kamran is being investigated by FIA and Anti-corruption departments for a number of frauds.

According to the sources, Director General Anti-Corruption Punjab Abid Javed has contacted Punjab Government in order to investigate Doctor Mujahid Kamran in Abdul Qadir Gillani’s fake degree case. The son of former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani was allowed to change his B.A exam center back in 2006. In addition he was allowed to re-appear in a failed paper against the rules and laws of the University of Punjab and was awarded the degree.

FIA started investigation on this case but since Pakistan People’s Party was in power, therefore the case could not resume. Now FIA has sent the file to DG Anti-Corruption Punjab and investigation on the case has been started once again. Chances are that not only Vice Chancellor of Punjab University Mujahid Kamran but some senior teachers might also be involved in this act.

This is not all as Vice Chancellor Mujahid Kamran is also involved in many other corruption cases. Construction of new blocks in the University where financial blunders have been reported, getting his wife a PhD by spending 95 lac Rupees with University bearing the expenses and in addition getting his wife 4 years of leave with pay, where the University allowed his wife a leave of 4 years without pay but VC Mujahid Kamran and his wife managed to change the word “without pay” to “with pay”. When Registrar started investigation against this case, VC Mujahid Kamran used his resources to stop the inquiry and this way a lot of money has been looted by them from the University funds.

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