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Kareena Kapoor’s Topless Picture Leaked

A picture showing the top portion of Kareena Kapoor completely nude is circulating the web and it has gone viral. A skin tight trouser covers her body parts lower than the navel and her top is naked in the photo. The top is actually parrot coloured and it is not covering her private body parts although the purpose of the top is to keep private parts of the body covered.

She has been an active part of the news circulations since she has joined Bollywood. Her first movie was ‘Refugee’ which was released in 2000. She has been successful throughout her 13 years Bollywood career in making headlines. So she keeps the trend going with this picture of hers. The question is whether it was deliberate or mistakenly done or even may be a fake one. But there are no updates regarding the confirmation of this picture being fake or stolen or intentionally released as yet.

Like Mona Singh MMS scandal this one could be proved a morphed one but since it is not the first time Kareena Kapoor is in limelight for this kind of issue. Another very famous scandal was when a MMS was leaked showing Kareena with Shahid Kapoor. Both of them were passionately kissing each other like they are husband and wife doing foreplay before the real agenda.

It is a fact that a confirmation is must on this latest newsmaker or it is a real shock for her fans as the fans will be disappointed to know that their favourite celebrity is involved in producing such cheap popularity stunts.


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