Mumkin Hai OST Numm by Faiza Mujahid

Numm is stunning drama serial that is coming soon on famous Pakistani TV channel GEO. The music of the song is separately produced by Haider Hashmi and co-produced by Imran Khalil. The song is sung by talented Faiza Mujahid who get fame by Bandya Hoshan from the 2012 critically acclaimed Pakistani movie Khuda Kay Liye. The lyrics were penned down by Ahsan beautifully and gain a huge acclaim. The story of this drama is based on the strict and unwise rituals of VANI. There is shown that how these self-made rituals have a great and a false impact on our next and upcoming generations.  That is common in the uneducated people of Pakistan.

The story of this drama revolved around Wali Bakht, Mah Jabeen and Neelam. These three personalities are performing in this drama. The story of this drama is based on reality. There is sadness, cruelty upon women and rebellion shown in this new coming drama. In this drama it is shown that how the uneducated people of Pakistan bound their young daughters with very small and even old men in the name of marriage. This drama is based on the story of a girl who is getting married to her little kid cousin and how she is facing problems in keeping this relation. She faces many problems in having this relationship. The role of little kid as husband played by Wali and when he becomes young he goes abroad for higher studies.

When he comes back he is remarried with an eighteen year old cousin NEELAM she also knows about his first marriage with mah Jaben. At this stage when he remarried the story become sadder and tedious. The stunning and tedious cast of this new upcoming drama serial Numm includes Sania Saeed and Usman Peerzada. Sana Saeed, Kanza, Fawad Khan and others. This drama based on the social issues especially issues related to the women. It is against the false and the unwise rules of society. VANI and other such rules have no history in Islam and followers of Islam should not make these unused rules for women.

This drama serial is directed by Ahsan Talish and produced by Amjad Hashmi, stirring of this drama is done by Fawad Khan, Sania Saeed and Kanza Wayne. Triangle relationship is shown in this drama that is caused by false customs and laws of society. It is written and scripted by Myra Sajid. It will be on air on 24 august 2103 worldwide on GEO TV. Mah jabeen was an older girl and she was married to her cousin wali when he was a little kid and when he becomes young he was remarried forcefully with Neelam. The casts of this new coming drama is done by these

Fawad Khan acting as Wali Bakht Khan, Sania Saeed act as Mah jabeen, Kanza Wayne act as Neelum Akbar Khan, Usman Peerzada perform as Sikander Bakht, Farah Shah perform as Amtul Jahangir Bakht and Munazza Arif work as Rahat Akbar Khan.

Lyrics of Mumkin Hai OST Numm by Faiza Mujahid:

Lyrics Mumkin Hai OST Numm by Faiza Mujahid
Lyrics Mumkin Hai OST Numm by Faiza Mujahid

Numm Drama Serial by Geo TV:


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