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Nabeel's Illuminati Shirt Issue

Nabeel’s Illuminati Shirt Issue

Actors or Hero’s are nowadays the being followed in every part of they world. Hero’s in any society have great influence on any society as they are followed by youngsters of the society. Actors are representatives of any society and they have big responsibilities on them as their actions and gestures reflects society or country.

Pakistani media is taking very less care regarding these things. A strict eye must be kept in dressing and gestures of actors coming on national TV or TV’s representing Pakistan.  Few days back Nabeel of Bulbulay has worn shirt on which Illuminati sign was printed. This sign represents Zoinsts and is not liked in a Muslim society because this sign represents sign of Shitaan. This is also sign of zoinst group which is acting against Muslims. Further the eye sign is the sign of Dajaal.

Aysha Omer in Zindagi Gulzar Hy
Aysha Omer in Zindagi Gulzar Hy

Nabeel should keep in mind the moral values of his religion and society and should represent the society. Few days earlier Ayesha Omer also worn a T-shirt in drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hy” on which a little girl with veil was printed and upon that shirt Jihaad girl was written that was also big offensive of religious values . It was highly criticised by all those who respect their religion and cares about their identity and self-respect.

Government should keep close eye on such event and ban such actors or fine such actors for such gestures because they are our representatives and must act and look like one of us must not wear or do offensive things. Strict actions must be taken against such channels,directors and producers.

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